On Christmas Night, 1895, in a St. Louis saloon, "Stag" Lee Shelton shot Billy Lyons during an argument over a Stetson Hat. More than 100 years and as many songs later, this small-time criminal became a larger than life hero. STAGGER LEE tells how. Chances are you've heard about Stagger Lee in one of the recordings available by artists like Ma Rainey, Mississippi John Hurt, Lloyd Price, Bob Dylan, The Clash, Ike and Tina Turner, and Nick Cave. Authors Derek McCulloch and Shepherd Hendrix explore this mythical translation in song handed down over the years.

STAGGER LEE weaves together an intricate fictional narrative using available historical record, a twist or two when facts are missing, and a rare social perspective on nineteenth century culture, language, politics, and race.

STAGGER LEE, Trade Paperback: 205 pages Publisher: Image Comics, 1st edition (May 3, 2006), Language: English
ISBN: 1582406073 Star Code: MAR061829