returns to comics after more than a decade long absence. Throughout the late 1980s and early 1990s, Derek published Strawberry Jam Comics and wrote the series night life and To Be Announced.  He was co-founder of The Comics Legends Legal Defense Fund in Canada and edited the organization’s two True North anthologies. Derek’s stories have appeared in comics series including Open Season, Shred!, and Cerebus.  His second graphic novel, Displaced Persons is scheduled for publication in March 2008 by Image Comics. Derek lives with his wife and daughter in Oakland, California, the best town in the Bay Area.

STAGGER LEE is Derek’s first graphic novel.

started his professional comics career in the early 1990s, working mostly as an inker. His art finishes can be seen in such notable works as DC Comic's Swamp Thing issues 112-13 collaborating with Tom Yeates and   Restaurant at the End of the Universe with Steve Leialoha.  Shepherd partnered with Bernie Wrightson to ink the  Captain Sternn "Running Out of Time" miniseries for Tundra/Kitchen Sink. His lifelong passion for drawing and graphic storytelling steered him into the animation and gaming industries as a conceptual designer and storyboard artist.  Shepherd is busy creating Highway Song for publication by Image Comics.
STAGGER LEE marks Shepherd’s return to comics.